Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I love to play games - card games, board games, online games, puzzles. The computer games can be really addictive - hours go by and here I sit with nothing REAL to show for it. But I have GEMS and TREASURES and BADGES and RANKINGS and TOKENS, oh my! Facebook is horrible - check in every day for extra bonus spins or points or coins or whatever. I finally had to block Gardens of Time and Castle Age. I never did Farmville, but I did Social City and had to give that up, too. Honestly, the hidden object games with the stories in them - I dream about them. Silliness.

So what's behind it? Why the obsession? Am I truly that dissatisfied with life that I immerse myself in empty things that don't matter? Am I in so much pain that I have to distract myself from reality hours on end? It's harmless, right? I enjoy activating those brain cells to solve the crime or figure our the pattern or find the secret. It's actually supposed to be good mental stimulation. But HOURS and HOURS? Really?

So I had some prayer time today and it came to my attention that I really don't read the Bible as much as I would like to. I don't have time, you know. What with all the GAMES and things I have to do! There's also the normal household chores plus my t.v. time - can't cut in to that. I'm following several blogs plus writing this one on occasion, so that Bible reading gets pushed further and further down the list. It's not like I want to be all "holier than thou" and such. Reading the Bible just leads to judging others who don't read it as much as I do. So better not go there. Right?

Anyway, I love games. Games bring people together - we had some great game time over Thanksgiving. Sophie beat us all at Rummikub, and our Canasta game was so close, I can't remember who won! Not to mention all the football watching that took place. And minding the fantasy league. It was and is great fun.

I will always play games, but I think I'm going to have to be a lot more careful about these computer ones...


Mom said...

You have gone to meddling! :)

Gena said...

I'm just sayin'...it's an epidemic!