Saturday, February 12, 2011


I can't believe how time flies these days. I've been at my current employer for over 3 years; my birthday is just around the corner; my nephew is almost 21 years old; my husband is an old man :). And my parents have been married 49 years!

I guess I am starting to feel old physically (I don't work out, you know). But I don't feel old in my mind. I don't feel young, necessarily, but I don't feel different. It's like I've learned things along the way, but my thought processes have always been the same - which really can't be true, can it?

But I'm starting to look around me and see things pass me by. I used to be cutting edge - latest and greatest technology and all that. Not anymore. Just got our first GPS this Christmas (thanks mom). Last Christmas was the first digital camera. I don't have or even want a Smart phone. Am I the only one who thinks those things are ridiculously expensive? Not the phone itself, but the service plans to actually be able to use them. And it's all just frivolous stuff. My folks have HD tv and DVR all their shows. We don't even have a flat screen. I have 3 songs on my MP3 player.

Oh well, pretty soon I'll just be "cute" and "quaint". The younger people at church already call me "Miss Gena". Oh how I hate that!

I'm left with the occasional blog post, fantasy football and online banking as my high tech achievements. *sigh*