Thursday, December 6, 2007


How do you deal with someone who insists on doing the exact opposite of anything you want them to do, anything a reasonable person would do? Oh, and reverse psychology doesn't work. He's onto that one.

It's painful to watch someone you love self-destruct. And the more you try to love and support them, the more they push away. (I'm not talking about Mike, by the way.)

The need for independence can override all logic, it seems.

It's kind of like that whole God and man thing. Where God, our creator, knows exactly what we need and love, but we decide that we want to do things our way - the wrong way, but at least it's ours. Anything but God, right?

And now I have to think -- hmm, that must hurt Him quite a bit. And out of His great love for us, He lets us make that choice. He didn't have to make things like this; He could have made us love Him. But He loves us enough to allow us to choose to love Him back or not. Wow.

I know if I had the power to make this pain stop, I would do it. But I don't. So, while the pain doesn't stop, I at least know that I can turn to a God, my Father, who has an intimate understanding of what I'm going through. And I pray and I pray and I pray.