Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I love to play games - card games, board games, online games, puzzles. The computer games can be really addictive - hours go by and here I sit with nothing REAL to show for it. But I have GEMS and TREASURES and BADGES and RANKINGS and TOKENS, oh my! Facebook is horrible - check in every day for extra bonus spins or points or coins or whatever. I finally had to block Gardens of Time and Castle Age. I never did Farmville, but I did Social City and had to give that up, too. Honestly, the hidden object games with the stories in them - I dream about them. Silliness.

So what's behind it? Why the obsession? Am I truly that dissatisfied with life that I immerse myself in empty things that don't matter? Am I in so much pain that I have to distract myself from reality hours on end? It's harmless, right? I enjoy activating those brain cells to solve the crime or figure our the pattern or find the secret. It's actually supposed to be good mental stimulation. But HOURS and HOURS? Really?

So I had some prayer time today and it came to my attention that I really don't read the Bible as much as I would like to. I don't have time, you know. What with all the GAMES and things I have to do! There's also the normal household chores plus my t.v. time - can't cut in to that. I'm following several blogs plus writing this one on occasion, so that Bible reading gets pushed further and further down the list. It's not like I want to be all "holier than thou" and such. Reading the Bible just leads to judging others who don't read it as much as I do. So better not go there. Right?

Anyway, I love games. Games bring people together - we had some great game time over Thanksgiving. Sophie beat us all at Rummikub, and our Canasta game was so close, I can't remember who won! Not to mention all the football watching that took place. And minding the fantasy league. It was and is great fun.

I will always play games, but I think I'm going to have to be a lot more careful about these computer ones...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Other People's Music: Exprayeriment.

This totally "found" me today...

Other People's Music: Exprayeriment.: Today, I decided to try an experiment. Of prayer. An exprayeriment. (I also can't resist making entirely ridiculous words out of existing o...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Duty Calls

I have been released from jury duty. It was anti-climactic. That sense of not wanting my life to be interrupted by this annoying civic duty was contrasted with an excitement at an opportunity to participate in this fascinating process. I've only been called once before (in Reno) and was released then, as well. I've never even been asked any questions. My number doesn't get called and I get sent home.

In comparing my two experiences, I have to say that Harris County has a much nicer set up than Washoe (although it might have actually been a federal jury I was called for in Reno; I can't remember). The waiting all takes place underground. I couldn't get a signal on my cell phone and when I tried to access the Free WiFi, I could connect, but had no internet access. And yet there were people who looked to be using smart phones, tablets and laptops, so maybe I was just in a hole or something. I probably could have gotten some work done, if I'd had internet, but alas, no luck. :) So I tried to work on my memory verses and watch people. It was a nice change in the routine.

The main thing I remember from Reno was that I was wearing those knee-high stockings with my pants. About an hour into sitting there, I recognized that one was black and one was tan. I really shouldn't dress in the dark. I think I managed to get them off and into my purse with no one noticing. Sure. This time I wore socks - white - both - double-checked.

It's pretty cool that you can get a free bus pass for the day with your jury summons. So Mike dropped me off and then when we got released I caught the bus back. Very convenient and saved the $6 for parking. They also had a little coffee counter and a pretty good selection of vending machines. My guess is they call about 2500 people per session, about half show and then another couple hundred claim exemptions or are disqualified onsite. So my room was around 300 people, and probably about 80 of us got released without even going to a courtroom. I had plenty of people to watch.

It's fun to watch people. It was really an interesting mix of folks:
Too cool
Dazed and confused
Take charge
Paper Books
Houston Chronicle
New York Times
Ear buds
Can't sit still

Fascinating, Truly.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



I sponsor a child (Ximena) from Ecuador through Compassion International. I've been doing this for a couple of years now. I picked Ecuador because it's a place I hope someday to visit. Mike went on a summer mission to HCJB in Quito when he was in college (LONG time ago - I was preparing for Kindergarten at the time). Anyway, he really has a heart for Ecuador and would love to go back. 

This week there's a group of bloggers visiting Ecuador with Compassion and blogging about their experiences. Two of the bloggers I follow regularly and the others I might start! It's already been very moving to read their first few articles. And incredibly interesting to get the different perspectives from such very different "voices".

If you're interested or slightly curious, just click the Ecuador picture up in the right hand corner to go to the blog roll on Compassion's website. Highly recommended.

Oh, and does anyone know why I can't ever get a cake out of a bundt pan in one piece? I'm greasing it up plenty. Too much? Should I be flouring the pan, too? Or maybe I'm not baking it long enough or hot enough?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back on Track

Mike and I met again with our friend at First Baptist, and came away feeling pretty good overall. He was very enthusiastic and encouraging. Says we are a match made in heaven (whudda thunk?); I do admit I'm rather fond of Michael.

Anyhoo, what we needed was someone to tell us we weren't off-track. And we got that. Mike feels reassured that not only is he moving in a good direction, but that our past experiences are not as much a jumble as we thought. More of an expression of who we are - a positive thing, not a negative thing. It really feels good to be told that it's ok to be who we are - that this is what God is doing with us. We can relax a little and enjoy the ride.

Relax A LITTLE. Mike is still looking for a job - a career even. Still going to seminary (and loving it). And we're still hanging on by the skin of our teeth. But we're breathing again. And it's good.

Oh, by the way, as much as we enjoyed Bayou City Fellowship, we're back at First Baptist. For this season of our lives we are needing what this church can give as well as what we can give to this church. It's a much better fit. That being said, our buddy had some recommendations as to where we can participate at First and really grow and serve. It's exciting!

However, this weekend Mom and I are going to the White Oak Baptist Ladies Retreat in Round Top, TX. (So I like a lot of churches - big deal!) I'm very much looking forward to spending the weekend with these ladies, and even more so with my Momma!

Here's a picture I took last year. The place is beautiful! Looking forward to a fun and refreshing weekend away. Now more laundry and then packing tomorrow...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I hate cleaning, but I love things to be clean

I'm not a great housekeeper. It's not like I don't have time; I just don't have the energy. I know people who are just tireless. They work all day, pick up and transport kids everywhere, volunteer on countless committees, do the church thing, party with friends and attend cultural and sporting events, and still cook, clean, pay bills, blah, blah, blah. I work all day. Whew.

So if I get behind in the housecleaning, I REALLY get behind in the housecleaning. Things get a little dusty or cluttered and I give up. I get so overwhelmed with all that needs doing, that I don't do anything, so it gets worse and worse. And then I start to feel guilty and miserable and ashamed. My failure stares me in the face from every direction. (Does that phrase make sense? If something is staring in my face, it's not from every direction is it? It's probably right in front of me. How about, "My failure shouts at me from every direction." That makes more sense.)

And finally, I can't take it anymore, and the cleaning begins. It's therapeutic really. There is so much in life that I have no control over, but I can get the dust off the chachkies in this bookcase.

So on Thursday I spent the evening cleaning a 5' x 10' space in the living room that houses the entertainment center, a little impromptu desk for the &$$#%* Mac computer and the wall clock. I cleaned everything on every shelf. Did some rearranging. Threw some stuff away. It felt great. It looks so good. Dust free bobbleheads!

Friday was a hard day. There were issues. So I cleaned the hearth and the mantel (and everything that lives there). This time I had an audience. We were actually talking through some stuff (and watching t.v.) while I was cleaning and making dinner all at the same time.

"Is this making you feel better?" Mike asks, while I've got all the items off the mantel and lined up around me on the floor.

"Yes," I said.

"OK," was his response. I think he was a little wary because I happened to be holding the shotgun at the time. It's just a prop, but I think it looks good up there.

I did the full on clean, too. Dusted everything. All the glass got run through a vinegar rinse, and I scrubbed down the tile. I even re-glued the little jewelly things that had popped off the planter boxes.

Then I sat back and felt better. A LOT better. It's weird how tidiness soothes me. Even today, I can just sit here on the couch and look at the front of the room and the fireplace, and I feel good. Not that I did that ALL day. I actually cleaned the bathroom today. That room was disgusting.

I don't know why I just can't keep the place clean all the time. Why do I put myself through this? Now I'm ready to do some laundry. Maybe tomorrow I'll get the kitchen clean (ish) ...