Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Update

Mike and I (& Penelope) met up with my brother and his son in South Padre Island to ride out the storm with my folks. Sounds weird, but South Padre Island (down by Brownsville, TX - not the Padre Island up by Corpus) was not in the "cone of uncertainty". The water was pretty high, though, yesterday.

Anyway, updates from our friends and neighbors in Houston say our place looks fine. There's still no power and possibly no water. Not sure when we'll try to head back, but I'm checking in with work to see when they get their power up. We're starting to hear about power coming back up in various locations. Apparently it was pretty scary, and we're seeing lots of horrible stuff on the news, but everyone I know seems to have weathered Ike pretty well. Lots of downed trees and debris everywhere, but no major damage. God is even blessing us with a coldfront, so we can survive the heat an humidity until we can get the a/c back.

I'll check in again after we get back home!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, AGR! is celebrating 2 years of internet ministry! Mike launched the site September 1, 2006 when he uploaded the first "@ The Rock Shop" program. To date, there have been 97 episodes. People have tuned in from all over the globe. It's quite a wonder. The current show is a look back over the past year, playing bits and pieces from different shows and replaying some of Mike's original dramas and some of the contributions from other playwrights that have been featured on the program.

I really encourage everyone to sit down and give it a listen. Though Mike takes a light approach, it's been a struggle; but it's what Mike feels called to do. God has given him a vision, a gift, and a way to make the truth available to the world. And I feel called to help him, so there it is., our baby, by the grace of God, is two years old. Almost to the potty-training stage (whatever that means).