Saturday, April 12, 2008

Green Things

Things grow here in Houston. Lots of green stuff - everything from mold to pine trees. It's very different from the desert I'm used to. Not bad, not good, just different. Mike and I went to an arboretum today. Kind of funny - there are woods and growing things all around us, but we went to an arboretum to wander through the local flora. Anyway, at the arboretum, everything is labeled. Plus they have some very deliberate "displays", benches, paths, a hedge maze, creeks and fountains.

There are really tall pines here and funny vines growing up into the trees. We've decided we like bamboo - there are all kinds of it, too. And bougainvillia, hibiscus, and begonias. Mike likes to think about gardening. What he would do if we ever have a yard. He wants a big rock and a rock pathway to grow Irish moss around. I think the path would look better with dwarf mondo grass. And I like gerbera daisies. Always have. Mike was somewhat disappointed by bluebonnets. I told him they look better in huge numbers across a hillside, but I'll have to show him that some other time.

It was fun to get out and walk around. I don't do "outside" much. It isn't too hot yet and the mosquitoes have only just begun to "gather" (as one of the warning signs put it). It was a nice outing. We'll do it again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why Go the Extra Mile? It's Fun!

We had a company meeting today, and one of our project managers was complemented for really going the extra mile at a client site recently. He commented that it was really fun to do.

I really like that perspective. It's fun to be challenged, to do your best and to exceed the expectations of others. And it really isn't that hard. In today's culture, it's rare for anyone to take responsibility for anything. Most people act completely inconvenienced by having to acknowledge someone other than themselves.

So, amaze the masses by noticing someone or caring about your job! Or try this - pick up a piece of trash off the ground and throw it away. You might win an award or something.

I saw a newscast one day interviewing people in a nearby town who were irritated at a business that had set up shop, trashed the area, and left. Comments like, "I have to drive by and look at this every day! Someone should do something about this. It's been like this for months!" But not one person, after months of looking at trash laying around this empty lot and being outraged that this had happened, not one person ever considered walking out there one day and picking it up themselves. Shoot, if it bothers you, do something about it. But we'll call in a news crew! That'll fix it.

Why not jut take pride in your work, your home, your community. Make an effort. You might even surprise yourself.