Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ladies Tea 2010

The Ladies Spring Tea was held at the church on Saturday. I'm not much of a girly-girl, but I really do enjoy attending a tea.

This time I hosted a table, so I could make good use of my great-aunt's china. The tablecloths, treasure chest and Bible were provided by my friend Thelma Norwood. The Bible was the one her husband carried with him in the army. It's not easy to see in the picture, but it's leaning up against the treasure chest.

This angle is better:
I borrowed the bronze flatware from my brother (it was given to him by our great aunt also) - it's from Thailand.

The tea was very nice - great chicken salad! The guest speaker was Jeannette Clift-George, Christian actress, author, director. She shared her testimony and some words of encouragement; she was very enjoyable.

My favorite part, though was the "opening act" - Chelsea Holmes. Chelsea is a member of our church (20 year old drama major at U of H). She so moved me last year with her monologue about the woman charged with adultery where Jesus says, "Let those who have never sinned throw the first stone". And everyone leaves. Then he tells her, "Go and sin no more." This year Chelsea went with a comedic monologue about women and the many hats we wear. It was hysterical! She did a wonderful job! Great "range"!

The theme of the tea was "Treasure" and that we should treasure God's word about all else (the verse is from Psalms). All the decor focused on things we treasure - memories, family, riches, and most importantly His word and our salvation.

So I have a bunch of pictures of the different tables (still learning this camera). Someday I might take pictures of people, but I'm not ready for that yet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Random Easter Musings

Easter celebrates the most significant event in human history - Christ's resurrection. It is something that Christians celebrate in their hearts every day, but Easter is the one time a year when we focus on nothing else. The Easter bunnies and bonnets and all that never really distract from the point - all that Jesus said is true. I love hearing, "Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!" He keeps His promises - and there are a lot of them.

I understand being angry with God. He lets things happen that are painful - like death. If He's so all-powerful and good, why would he let people suffer? The answer has to do with the world being cursed, and the gift He has given us of free will. And it isn't that He can't, but that He won't - which sounds like He's really mean, and that is not true, either. We all know that parents who really love their children must say "no" sometimes, maybe even lots of times. It's difficult, if not downright impossible, to see things from a God perspective. We have no idea what the big picture is - what good He is really working in the world. But He did provide a future and a hope.

Christ died painfully; God sacrificed His only Son. And then Jesus came back to life on the third day - death has been conquered. FOR US! We are forgiven and accepted by God because of what He did for us. Life can be hard, but we don't have to worry about that. God is with us.

Yes, churches and church people can be disappointing - they should but rarely do behave any better than anyone else. But a believer is meant to be with other believers - living and learning life together. I drift toward solitude, but find it brings me to a self-centered and depressed place. I am so much happier when I'm in the group focused on something besides myself. Anyway, I'm thankful for Easter that brought hundreds of people back to church to celebrate. I hope they stick around.

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