Monday, December 20, 2010

Sing Off Fan

I never watch reality t.v. It's annoying. And "talent" shows are the worst. Especially with the "America decides" voting crap-o-la. And YET, I still gave Sing Off a try because I really like a capella groups even if I can't spell it (and it replaced Chuck). And even with Nick Leshay hosting, I loved it! Tonight's the big, cheesy finale with the finalists getting to perform with famous people (and the judges), but it hasn't been too bad. I can't wait to see who wins! (Mike just changed back to the football game because now Nick is singing, and that's ok. We can go back when that nonsense is over. Wow! Brett Favre is playing and they're winning!)

Anyway, America didn't get to vote until it was narrowed down to the final 4. I really think the judges did well narrowing it down. I missed the show when the Wiffenpoofs got axed because I didn't know they were doing Mondays AND Wednesdays, but still I'm not upset with who's left. I really like "Committed" - they are TIGHT! But the final song last week that "Street Corner Sympony" did was my favorite! So if either one of those win, I'm happy. (I don't like the "Backbeats" at all - I'm rooting against them.)

So, is this totally silly? No redeemable value?

Committed Won!!!!