Sunday, September 23, 2007


I know it's not right, but I'm used to being dismissed because I'm a "girl". Most guys will deny it, but they still do it. And having lived with this, like most women, for my entire life, I accept it. I know who I am and of what I am capable, and I can dismiss the dismissals in my life. It's never slowed me down or held me back.

But last week I was discriminated against because I am a Christian. This was new for me. I've been teased for being a Christian, even laughed at, but never flat out denied something because of my beliefs. It's weird. I'm almost proud of having this happen. Jesus must shine brightly through me!

I keep thinking that this is where the world is going, though. More and more, Christians will find themselves being discriminated against and blatantly denied benefits, jobs, and basic rights. We can give in and deny Christ (which the Bible says many people will do) or we can cling to Him and let His light shine, simultaneously embracing discomfort, uncertainty and second class citizenship. Just remember to read the Book to the end! (God wins!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waiting Gives You Time to Count Your Blessings

Now that we've officially been here a couple of months, I must admit that the shine is starting to wear thin. The heat and humidity is no longer "a nice change"; the long drive to everything is no longer "an adventure"; and the time spent with my brother and his kids is not so "precious" anymore. I have not landed that perfect job and we're starting to get a little nervous about our finances. God has us in a holding pattern, and nobody likes to sit still for this long.

And yet, while we're cooling our heels, we've had some time to remember all that He has done and how He's working through this and blessing us immensely.
1. We've joined a fantastic church -
2. Our apartment has a great layout to accomodate Mike's ministry -
3. Whataburger
4. Every other restaurant is a Mexican place!
5. We've already had opportunity to hear in-person some great Christian speakers - Nick Vujicic, Dr. Charles Lowery, Anne Graham-Lotz, Beth Moore (I'm actually attending her Bible study led by her - unbelievable!), and in a couple of weeks - Lee Strobel! (These have all been free events to boot!)
6. Getting to participate in my brother's 40th birthday party (and taking him to lunch on the big day).

Actually, the list is much longer, but it just starts to sound like bragging, so I'll cut it off here. And although we cannot deny our anxiety, we do know without a doubt that God's got some cool stuff ahead for us. Please pray for our sanity, as always.