Monday, November 12, 2007


I've been so blessed recently and need a place to write it down so I can come back and remember it at those moments I'm feeling sorry for myself. So I'm writing it here.
  • I found a job that I love! God directed me (though slowly) to a place where I really feel that I fit. Great people of integrity; fun atmosphere; comfortable environment. And I truly feel needed and appreciated.
  • Mom and Dad came to town for a wedding and stayed overnight with us one weekend. How cool is it to be close to family?!
  • I got to spend a few days with my nephew while my brother was on a business trip. It really is a joy to be around him after spending the last 14 years in another state. You should all see his artwork. He's quite talented!
  • I was provided an opportunity to go back to Reno for Grace Church's Women's Retreat. It was too short! But the trip was wonderful. I felt so loved on by my sisters. And Jill shared some great stuff to help draw us all closer to God. Thank you Hillary!
  • Mike has been asked to present Simon Peter to a church in Kansas City over the Thanksgiving weekend. This will also allow us to visit Mike's mom for the holiday! Pray for our travel to and from, and for God to use Mike to really touch people's lives.

God is good. Though I often wish for an easier life, I know that He knows what He's doing.