Monday, July 26, 2010


Dear Dez Bryant,

As a Dallas Cowboy fan, I have been reading a lot about you lately. Obviously, your achievements to date are impressive. Having you on the team will give us greater depth and a hopeful future for even more post season play.

However, we really weren't doing too bad without you. You could be a nice addition to the team, but only if you can remember that you aren't the team - you've joined a team. You can't win by yourself. Ask T.O.

Arrogance is ugly on anyone. But coming in as a rookie with so little respect for the veteran players around you and the whole team dynamic is just sad. I don't wish bad things for you, but it's my opinion you need to be taken down a few pegs. Anything else could be really harmful to the organization. Maybe you should find some humility on your own before you're made to find it in front of everyone.

I'm just sayin' -


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lesson from Ruth

I've been studying the book of Ruth this summer with a study guide by Kelly Minter and some friends from church. (Kelly does great studies - even includes recipes!) The overarching theme of the study is that Boaz redeeming Ruth is a representation of how Jesus redeems us.

What I came across this week was a concept I had not considered before. Boaz announces at the city gates in front of the elders and many townspeople that he will marry Ruth the Moabitess widow. He is completely unashamed and quite delighted by this.

So I just realized that Jesus redeems me knowing full well that I would be considered unworthy, unattractive, and beneath notice of anyone else; yet He is not ashamed - in fact He is delighted!

It never occurred to me that Jesus might actually look directly at my sin and shame, my unworthiness, even announce it, and be delighted to take me in, to cover me with His protection, to bless me. I hadn't really thought of it before, but somehow assumed that He redeemed me with a different attitude. I guess I thought He just secretly stepped in out of duty and honor, cleaned me up, and then presented me as His, shaking His head when I stray and trying to ignore my shortcomings - maybe growing to love me eventually. I don't know, it sounds dumb when I put it into words.

I know (the Bible says!) He loves me. And yet so often I behave as if I don't really know that. So which is it? Does He love me or not? He does. Do I believe it? I'm working on that part.