Thursday, August 28, 2008

Draft Day

Today was draft day for my fantasy football league. This will be my third year, but this time I'm the commissioner of my own league. We have 8 teams - me, mom, dad, brother, husband, mother-in-law, uncle, and cousin. The draft alone was really fun.

My uncle and cousin are veteran ff players, and are trash-talking like you wouldn't believe. My brother practically chose the entire Houston Texans team. My husband is all strategy. MIL let the computer auto-pick for her (and got a pretty good team). Mom went mostly Cowboys. And Dad started with the computer, but couldn't just sit by and watch, so jumped in at the end. Now we all have to wait two weeks for the season to start.

So one of the best things about moving back to Texas from the Pacific Time Zone is that the football games start after church here. In Reno we would have to go to Saturday night church during football season. But here, we can just squeak in the Sunday morning service. It's great!

Looking forward to the out-of-town fam coming in for big brudder's b-day tomorrow. It'll be nice to see everyone and have the long weekend to do it. It'll also keep me distracted the week before football season starts. Did I mention I like football? Anyway, so far so fun!

Monday, August 25, 2008

LPL Report

We got back last night from San Antonio. I attended a Living Proof Live event led by Beth Moore. It's hard to explain what this is - kind of a rally - but more like a Christian retreat. It's an in-depth Bible study crammed into two days. If you look past the 10,000 attendees and the rockin' worship music (although that really sets the mood), it's just a sitdown study with Beth.

The topic was "Inheritance". And we looked at God's promises from Old Covenant to New that reference an inheritance. It's a real big deal - God promises not some kind of ethereal, spiritual eternal existence, but a real tangible physical life that we will live with him and others in a real physical kingdom with real property and real relationships. As Christians, we are co-heirs with Christ. True story! We are heirs of God. So, back and forth we went from scripture to scripture seeing what God had revealed for Beth to teach us. It was awesome.

Afterward, I got to go with 1000 of my closest friends to an area backstage to rub elbows with other readers of Beth's blog and attend a Q&A with Beth and her daughters. It was really neat. I also hooked up with my friends Phyllis and Carolyn with whom I sat for the Fall Bible Study I did at First Baptist. It was nice to see them and catch up a little bit.

While I was at LPL, Mike was taking in the sites - his first trip to San Antonio. He spent a good five hours walking around the river walk (dining and drinking coffee and checking out the shops). We met up Saturday afternoon to take a river tour. It was really fun. Mike wants to be a river boat tour guide when he grows up. We had a great dinner on the river and got back to the hotel in time to watch a movie on the Hallmark Channel (we've been without cable since we got to Texas). Sunday, our plan to go to Six Flags was nixed because we were just too tired. So we took the long way home through Fredericksburg and Austin and called it good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I actually finished the entire Bible study I was doing this summer ("No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter)! It's not that I usually quit, I just get distracted (yeah, that's it!). Or I find myself just going through the thing to get to the end without getting anything out of it. But not this time! This time I was diligent, thoughtful, intentional -- and it wasn't easy. I got behind a couple of times, but managed to pull back. I highly recommend this study, but I have to say there was a lot it showed me that I didn't like.

What made it the most fun, and what really kept me going, is that I did it with a group online. Being a follower of Beth Moore's blog, I signed up for doing this study via the web. Every other week Beth would post a video, encouraging us along and throwing out discussion questions from the book (some people actually met together). Then we could post our comments after we'd met (although there were a great many people like me who went single). There were literally hundreds of us doing this study together. It was way cool. Today, the writer of the study posted a message on Beth's blog and it was cool to read her encouragement and some "after the book" revelations. This was such a strange and wonderful way to encounter God and learn about myself. I thought it was weird at first, but it really seemed to work. It was accountability without the legalism.

Anyway, this weekend is the Living Proof Live event that I get to go to in San Antonio. And as a bonus afterward, Beth Moore and her daughters have coordinated a little get together for people who are readers of her blog. So we get to meet each other and hang out for a bit. I'm really looking forward to the whole weekend. And Mike is going with me to SA (not to LPL, he'll hang out at the River Walk or the Alamo during the conference). We will get to spend a good amount of time together still. I'm so excited!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Did I mention it was hot?

Wow! Hot! It only reached 99 degrees today, but it was a wet heat. Man! We went to the church this morning to help out with some grounds keeping. We were there 3 hours and were mostly in shade, but it was just so hot! I've never been much good at pulling weeds, but I did my best. I could barely get up off the sidewalk when it was time to go. I'm not even 40 yet! Whew. So we came home for lunch and never made it back. I took a shower and slept for about 2 hours. It's embarrassing how actual labor wipes me out.

Anyway, it did feel kinda good to be working on someone else's stuff instead of our own for a change. And our little stretch of "grounds" that we worked on does look much better now than this morning. Too bad we wimped out. It was disappointing that we couldn't accomplish as much as we wanted. Sad, too, that the "new people" made up a quarter of the entire work force that came out. Maybe I just didn't see everyone, and they got the cushy inside work, but it seemed pretty slim. I sure had hoped to test that "many hands make light work" idea.

So tomorrow it's supposed to get up to 101 degrees! Won't that be fun! Good thing we got the a/c fixed. Unfortunately, we're going to be getting a bill for that....