Sunday, July 29, 2007

God is Good

Having landed in the Houston area with not a lot of a plan, we have progressed in the past month somewhat. We are still vagabonds living off the kindness of strangers (well, they're family, but they are strange). I have a contract position at a big company on the northwest side of town. Mike is going great guns with his new computer. We've been given a car (well, we're kind of just borrowing it for now, but a plan is beginning to form for something more permanent). God is good!

Penelope has shed more hair than I ever thought possible without becoming totally bald. The sky keeps dumping stuff on us that they call "rain" - it's actually pretty neat, but they also talk about rivers flooding and that sounds bad. Now that we have transportation, we are starting our church shopping. We've decided to find a church first, then a place to live that's close to our church. So that kind of motivates us to find a church quickly before we wear out our welcome in Sugar Land.

Other than that, we're just doing that one-day-at-a-time thing. Every time we try to hurry something along, it turns out to be wasted energy, as God fulfills His plan in His timing. So we wait upon the Lord to see what He has for us. God is good!