Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reading Luke

Mike's been teaching our Sunday School class and we just started Acts. We did a quick overview of Luke to get our bearings before jumping in, and so I went back and started to read Luke again. Luke is the first book I journaled through many years ago, and I really haven't sat down and read through it again since.

With his journalism background, Mike makes a big deal about reading the Bible with intent, looking at the who, what, when, where, and WOW! as you go. I didn't know that was what I was doing when I started reading the Bible and journaling as I went along, but I did recognize I needed to study not just read. I was always pretty good in school, but never really developed study habits to speak of. So the journaling was a recommendation from a pastor or someone, and I gave it a try.

I am not journaling Luke this time, but instead I'm reading and pondering, and then looking back at my old notes. I find it interesting that some things that jump off the page at me now I barely mentioned back then and vice versa. A lot of my notes are unanswered questions. I thought I might impress myself with now knowing the answers. But some things like, "How would someone recognize an angel as an angel?" just don't have answers. And of course, "Why?" is always a toughie.

It's also been interesting to compare Luke to Matthew. Luke writes a great deal about John the Baptist's birth. Matthew doesn't mention it. Matthew goes into detail about the wisemen and Herod; Luke doesn't mention it. So, why? (I ask again.) Lots of speculation but no one can really know.

The mystery of the Bible is fascinating, puzzling and often frustrating! But I never get tired of diving in.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mom

I recognize that somewhere in my teens my mom and I became a bit estranged. For whatever reason, we had a difficult time connecting. I honestly can't remember if there was a specific problem or if it was just a general phase. It lasted too long, and I'm pretty sure it was all me.

That being said, I'm so thankful that we (I) got passed that, because my mom is now my friend - my best friend, second only to my husband. I truly enjoy her and value what she has to say. She makes me laugh; she makes me roll my eyes; and she makes great enchiladas. :) Mom brings to life music and creativity, joy and energy, humor and love.

I can't imagine how hard it must be to be someone's mother. And the idea that you never stop being a mother once you are one, is overwhelming. I'm sure glad my mom became a mother, though.

There seems to be a bonding that takes place between a mother and daughter when the daughter takes her turn and becomes a mom herself. I used to be sad that my mom and I wouldn't share that. I also felt guilty for denying her something I imagine she would want. But now, I look at the relationship we do have, and I wouldn't trade it for anything - not for advice about diapers, tantrums or snotty noses; not for free babysitting or noisy holidays; and certainly not for a shoulder to cry on during those teenage years. I like just being us.

I love you, Mom. I love being your daughter. I love being your friend. I look forward to every opportunity to spend time together. See you next week. Happy Mother's Day!