Saturday, August 8, 2015

Productivity vs. Seeking God

I started a new-to-me Beth Moore book recently that immediately reminded of the fact that I never finished the Isaiah study I had started last year. In fact, I've really slacked in the Bible reading lately. So I decided I needed to jump back into Isaiah before or alongside reading Beth. So that was several days ago - a week maybe?

So I lay in bed this morning...nothing specific planned for the day and I decided to get started. I know I can't do Bible reading in bed, so I got all my stuff together and took it downstairs to the table - Bible, notebook, pencils, my Isaiah study, my Kindle (with Beth).  OK. Just need coffee.

But first let's have breakfast. So I cooked a nice breakfast for Mike and I - oatmeal pancakes!! Then after cleaning that up I grabbed my Kindle to catch up on my Word With Friends and Candy Crush. Then I called a couple of friends....and Mom....

Mike was upstairs for a nap. Sooooo.....the floor has not been swept or mopped in forever! I thought I'd just do the front room real quick. Actually, since I had everything out, I should do the kitchen and the bathroom. And I've been thinking about cleaning the refrigerator. Good grief - I think the last time I cleaned the fridge, Mike was in North Carolina. Things had started sticking to the shelves.

No!! Wow. I was suddenly reminded of the banquet where everyone is too busy to attend. There's a song we did when I was a kid that kept running through my head --- "I cannot come. I cannot come to the banquet. Don't trouble me now; I have married a wife; I have bought me a cow; I have fields and commitments that cost a plenty sum. Pray, hold me excused; I cannot come." Reality check. I have been unproductive around the house for weeks. Interesting how as soon as I decide to get my Bible out again I have a surge of energy for anything BUT my Bible.

I felt a bit like Paul. Why do I do the things I don't want to do, and don't do the thing I do want to do? I know cleanliness is NOT next to godliness. So I stopped the madness and started on Isaiah. It's such a hard book for me. But it won't get easier if I ignore it. I'm not reading it to impress anyone or make myself feel smart (quite the opposite) or holy or anything. But I really think that putting one's mind on the things of God is a productive way to spend one's time. I want to know Him. I want to see His face. I want to hear His voice.

So I didn't get very far - just a few chapters, a couple of notes, started over on Beth. But it's a start. Now if I can just do it again tomorrow or maybe even some more tonight.

Oh and don't worry. I went back and cleaned the refrigerator after my Bible time. It looks so good!