Saturday, October 16, 2010

Incompetence or Indifference?

OK, first of all I don't hate men. I'm just calling it as I sees it. But male leaders (generally speaking) tend to ignore details, take no responsibility for the process of accomplishing a vision, and are then angry and down-right surprised if things don't get done. They are great at casting vision and all that inspirational stuff, but if a woman doesn't step in and actually see to getting it done, it don't happen. What drives me crazy is the assumption that things will just happen with no responsibility taken if and when it doesn't.

Maybe it's not just men, but that has been my experience. Although I have met some men who are the detail guys, they are never the leaders. Maybe the details take too much time and energy so there's no time left for leading. But leaders should at the very least hire or clearly designate a detail person to see that things get done. Or don't get sputtery and all flustered when things fall apart!

I'm just sayin'...