Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What to do...what to do...

OK. So I've been hung up on Spiritual gifts for a while. I've taken SHAPE classes and done DiSC tests. I've read books (even the Bible!). I'm still unclear on what makes a gift Spiritual. And how you're supposed to know if it's Spiritual or just genetic or something. Be that as it may, I do believe that I have the gift of Administration. Exciting, huh?

Last week Mike and I met with a person at First Baptist to try to gain some insight into our life. We've been drifting for some time, waiting for something, but not sure what. And we know we have a tendency to have blind spots, so we were looking for some help. Turns out our very good listener friend thinks we should look at our gifts, talents, abilities, etc to help us grasp what God is doing in us and with us.

Of course, I've already taken the assessment (a couple of months ago, in fact), but Mike hadn't done this one before. So Mike did his yesterday. (It was supposed to take about 45 minutes, but it took Mike over three hours. Does this tell you anything about our indecisiveness?) Now we're trying to figure out what this means (on our own because our friend is out-of-pocket for a week or so). We haven't come up with much, but I always find it a fascinating exercise.

Basically it looks like Mike is schizophrenic and I'm OCD. I'm thinking we'll make a followup appointment with our new friend as soon as possible.

We're both big on "helps" - Mike more in a mentoring/discipling kind of way; I'm more of a behind-the-scenes organizer. I certainly can see all kinds of places the two of us could participate, but what we desire is to make it a full-time commitment, not just a weekend hobby. The hard part has been convincing anyone else. And it's not like we're independently wealthy - we'd need to make some money doing it, too. So are we headed for disappointment? Are we doomed to be ministry wannabees?

We'll see.

Oh, have I mentioned "The Sing Off" is on again? Love it!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not a fan

I've been moonlighting at the TUTS gift shop going on four seasons now. I only work the shows that are self-produced, so it can be two - four shows a year. I've always enjoyed it both for the extra cash and for the chance to be near the theater again. I often think as a show draws near that this may be my last one. It's two weeks of 12 hour days (because I still have my "real" job) with no weekend break. But then I do it again, and although I'm completely exhausted and out-of-the-loop when the two weeks are up, I have a blast!

I used to be all about the theater - music theater was my major at ASU. But I'm coming to realize that I much preferred doing theater. In other words, I'm not really an avid fan. I certainly enjoy watching, but I have never been someone to "follow" theater. I don't usually watch the Tony awards. I don't know the latest shows running on Broadway, or who the big names are, or what will be touring when.

In fact, there are many things I enjoy but I guess I'm not really a fan because I don't stay on top of what's happening. Things like music. I love to sing. I enjoy music, but I don't download MP3's, or follow artists on twitter or facebook, or get newsletters, or go to concerts or even regularly turn on the radio.

I like sports. I play fantasy sports. But I don't pay that much attention in the off-season. I don't remember who was in the playoffs from year to year. Or who played for whom and when. I like tv and movies - but I don't check the entertainment news and blogs every day to see what's in the works or who is dating or divorcing or even care. I do care about politics and the direction our country is going; then again I didn't know anything about the Occupy Wall Street protests until yesterday.

Is this normal?