Monday, November 30, 2009


The year is sure flying by. We've got lots to be thankful for. Mike's getting his new teeth. We've got a great place to call home. I've got a good job. The family is healthy. Gerald has a full-time real-live job! Will starts basic training this week. We've got turkey leftovers in the fridge. God continues to provide.

It's all good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Slow Revelation

Tuesday night was the last session of Beth Moore's Fall Bible Study. I was pretty good at getting to the study every week. I think I only missed one week when I was working. The study was on Revelation. And, in a nutshell, it was awesome. If you get a chance to do it (it will be released the first of the year as "Here and Now, There and Then"), I highly recommend it.

I've listened to some sermons on end times; I've read the "Left Behind" series; I've watched "The Hal Lindsey Report"; and I've read Revelation several times. Mostly I'm a "pan"-theist; I believe it will all pan out in the end. It's fascinating how many different interpretations there are out there. But it is definitely intriguing material.

Beth decided to stick to her 11-week structure which meant we really didn't do detailed and in-depth, more of an overview. But I have to admit, this was my first time through the book where my eyes didn't roll back in my head about halfway in. And as intense as it got, Beth is great at getting in those "lighter" moments. She even worked in some good stories about her grandkids and her dogs, if you can believe it. And she was adamant about letting us know that she was sharing several views and interpretations without saying any were right or wrong (though, she does say toward which ones she leans). So I really feel much more knowledgeable about the subject without really having any clearer idea about what is coming!

One of the highlights for me was on the first day. I've always struggled with why we take the Bible completely literally (which I do), except for Revelation. So, she read from the NKJV that says in Revelation 1:1; And He [Jesus] sent and signified if by His angel to His servant John...
So apparently the actual word for "signified" in the Greek is "semaino" which "carries the idea of figurative representation. Strictly speaking, it means to make known by some kind of sign." The reason we read into Revelation all these signs and symbols is that it says from the very start that that is the intent. Neat, huh?

Anyway, I'm still digesting the whole thing. And I've about got a hold on Session 1. I'll probably write more after I let it mull around in my head for a while. We'll see. Good times.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Football is fun. I really enjoy football season. I am winning in my fantasy league. It is all good.

Current favorite NFL team - Texans
Favorite NFL team of all time - Cowboys
Favorite player - Jason Witten
Favorite QB - Peyton Manning (for now)
Favorite broadcaster - Chris Collingsworth
Most hated team - Steelers
Most hated player - T.O.
Most hated QB - Big Ben
Most hated broadcaster - John Madden

I love trick plays - wildcat, flea flicker, punt fakes, etc.
I like offenses that use their tight ends and fullbacks to carry/catch.
I like to go for it on 4th down.
A good secondary is fun to watch, but I like the blitz.
Never underestimate the importance of your O-line.
There is so much I still don't know.

College football is a nice diversion when the NFL is not playing. Go Red Raiders!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1 Rant

Mike's dental appointment is this week. Hopefully, that means whatever needs to happen with his teeth can finally get started. This whole year has been a trial just in regards to his dental problems. Actually, it's been a problem for years, but ignoring it hasn't seemed to work. Unfortunately, he came down with a cold over the weekend. I'm praying we don't have to re-schedule....again. It would be great if he could get all of this taken care of before Christmas (Thanksgiving even, but that seems so soon). It also means he'll probably give up his job at the Space Center...he'll at least need a leave of absence. He is looking for some other type of employment that would be closer to home. It's weird. Everything in our life is on hold while we wait to see about the teeth.

I used to like going to the dentist. As a kid, I thought it was great. I liked that just cleaned feeling. I never had cavities or any problems. The orthodontist was a little unpleasant, but I still got out of school to go, so it wasn't so bad. But ever since I left home and had to find my own dentist, it's been difficult. I had one dentist who rubbed up against me in an uncomfortable way; another who filled a cavity I didn't have; another filed down a back molar so far it feels like a stub (I'm still not sure why); another wanted to do a "special" cleaning that wasn't covered by my insurance. Now every time I go (which is rare) I'm on edge - trying to make sure I'm not getting taken. I think it's indicative of most service-oriented businesses anymore - nobody cares.

Was there ever a time when people actually did their jobs? Where they took care of the client or customer's needs first? Where it mattered that the end result was positive for both sides? Our dealings with contractors to get our house repairs done was almost worse than the dentists. "They" all seem to want to get the most money out of us for doing the absolute least amount of work possible. Customer satisfaction? Who cares?!