Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glorious Day!

This is absolutely the most beautiful day I can ever remember in Houston. The sky is a brilliant blue - seriously, it's electric, almost hard to look at it's soooo intensely blue. Not a cloud. A nice, cool, gentle breeze. Birds singing away. Mike's flowers reaching to the sun. Just wow.

So I walked over to the grocery store because I'm planning on making enchiladas for dinner, and it turns out my corn tortillas are all moldy. Ew. I remembered to take my cloth bags (which I love because they hold so much, and I don't have to figure out what to do with all the plastic ones). I almost never remember to take them. My little shopping list ended up growing enough that I couldn't go through the express lane. But I did keep it under $30. The only thing on my original list that I didn't get was toilet paper - I bet I'll regret that later. I managed to convince the bagger that I really did want all of it in the two cloth bags. Really. Especially since he turned down helping me with my bags, once I mentioned I had to walk several blocks. What good is helping me out with my bags if it stops in the parking lot? I stopped and checked the mail when I got home and found the grocery store ads. Good thing I didn't see those before I went.

I'm so glad I went out. Saturday is my housecleaning day because Mike is at work. For whatever reason, I get all self-conscious about cleaning while he's home. I do laundry and dishes and "spot cleaning" when he's around, but usually not the big stuff. Plus, the last time I really cleaned the living room when he was home, he had an asthma attack (dust, cat hair, etc.), so it's really better that I do it when he's gone. Give the dust time to settle before he comes home. I did get the upstairs done this morning. I had plans to continue on down, but those are fading. Did I mention how nice it is outside?!?

What am I doing here playing on the computer? I gotta go!